Need to fine tune your broadband network? Check out RF Inspector and our other broadband diagnostic tools and contact us for solutions that make a difference. 


Cable and DSL diagnostics tools are usually aimed at engineer-types, and don’t get used a lot outside the backroom. Not so with TruVizion. Not only will your geekiest tech guys love it, so will your CSRs and managers.

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Save time, money and amaze your cable buddies. Our Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) software uses pre-equalization data to show you where the problems are in your network before they impact your customers.

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Ditch your meters for the next generation RF Spectrum Analysis tool and you’ll see all data and video channels on your tablet from wherever you happen to be. Cut down on capital costs, truck rolls and time in the field.

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Let us show you how effective bandwidth usage management can save you money and add dollars to your bottom line. You should be happy when customers use more bandwidth. After, all, that’s what your selling right?

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  • “I’m working on an outage here in Vermont where the current temp is -12 (that’s not a typo) and I just wanted to tell you how much TruVizion is helping us out in finding the problem. In weather like this your software program is invaluable to us.”–George Goodrich, TransVideo

  • "The pre-planning ZCorum did prior to migrating our subscribers obviously paid off. I can’t say what you might have done differently to have made it any smoother, which is a testimony to how well it went. We’re very happy with the level of service we and our customers receive from ZCorum, and are also big fans of the TruVizion diagnostics software, which is much better than what we had before."–Bob Young, WEHCO Video

  • “I’m REALLY enjoying the Geo-Coding feature you guys added. I really love the software and I love the way you are continually expanding the product.” –Oliver Wilson, St. Maarten Cable TV

  • “TruVizion is a Godsend for us. We’re able to identify and resolve the root issues causing service problems at the subscriber level, and that has reduced our service calls tremendously. I was doing twenty to thirty calls a week before and now it’s less than ten.” –Jeff Phillips, S. Breyer Cable

  • "I have continuously received outstanding support from the ZCorum team. Starting with my rep Angie…and most recently from a field visit from Buddy!!! I cannot say enough about how helpful the visit from Buddy was. He solved problems I have had for years in a matter of hours."–Paul Venturella, RMA Broadband & Cable TV

Better Broadband

Become more efficient, more profitable and better at what you do. How? Improve your service and your bottom line by leveraging TruVizion’s Advanced Diagnostics for Cable and DSL networks, or BPE for management of broadband usage caps. Reduce your headaches by taking advantage of our Managed Modem Provisioning (DOCSIS, RADIUS, TR-069, IPV6/DHCPv6) or our Hosted DNS and Email services. Increase customer satisfaction by relying on our industry-leading, End-user Technical Support for data, video and voice. We can make your broadband better.

We’re ready to help. Give us a call at 800-909-9441.

Who are we? Real simple, we’re a provider of managed broadband services to broadband service providers.

What do we do? We provide the back-room services, tools, and expertise to help broadband providers increase efficiency, reduce costs and grow their business.

Who are our customers? Cable companies, Telephone companies, utilities, municipalities, and others.